“Are you out there doing it rather than talking about doing it?” – Jay Wong.

Jay Wong(IG: @jaywongjaywong) is one of the most inspiring people out there. He is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Traveler. He is also the creator of The Inner Change-maker Podcast which was the number 1 Podcast on itunes back in 2015 as far as the self-help category.

In this Podcast, we covered:
– Selling a division of his company
– His story
– Traveling
– Some of his life philosophies
– How to get over fear
– Your vibe attracts your tribe and more.

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Inner change maker:

JayWong Tv

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This is by far my favorite. Even though I asked Steve for 30 minutes to just talk about cars, I managed to steal another 40 minutes to talk about entrepreneurship with Steve Distante. For someone who has always been an entrepreneur from age 5. He obviously has alot I could learn from. He also share a story about how he met his wife. This is part 2 of episode #27 which you can listen or download here

Steve is a serial entrepreneur since the age of 5. He is the CEO of his own company, they help people to do good with their own money. To this day, they manage a few billion dollars.

So this Podcast is a continuation of the first part with Steve Distante. Below is a summary of a few things we talked about.

-His first business.
-Why and how you should hire people to help you.
-How helpful are entrepreneurial meetups or groups.
-Finding mentors or personal advisory board.
-His work/life balance.
-His business philosophies.
-His system for making decisions
-His daily practice(meditation).
-How he deals with negativity / nay sayers.


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EP#27 Steve Distante – Driving Teslas. Living Electric

Steve DIstante is an Entrepreneur and car aficionado from Long Island, New York. He started his first business when he was only 5 years old. He is the CEO of Vanderbilt Securities LLC, member of Long Island Exotics Club and an incoming president of Entrepreneurs Organization(EO)

I was fascinated by his love and enthusiasm for electric vehicles(EV). He owns the model S, P90D with Ludacris mode, The Roadster 2010 and other non-teslas. The first part, We talked about his experience with the cars among other things. One of his car’s number plate is “USA FAN, THE EMPIRE STATE, ZERO EMISSIONS”

This Podcast is relevant on so many levels, its appeals to car geeks, electric car geeks and electric car doubters. I asked Steve the questions that the above groups might ask and his answers are definitely valid because he plays with these toys. It was a fascinating talk really.

I did a part 2 with Steve where we talked about Entrepreneurship, his advice and philosophies are quite unconventional and profound. I recommend that you check it out and subscribe.

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“If you’re a man and super organised, you are a such a good worker. If you’re a woman and organised, they say you’re “bitch”-Annika Friesen, my favorite take away from this Podcast.

Annika Friesen is a business person, blogger, traveler, accountant and consultant. She is the creator of, a blog about lifestyle, travel, and entrepreneurship.

She was bitten by the travel bug while she was only 10 months old and she never look back. She has traveled alot and lived many places while doing all sorts of odd jobs just to stay on the road. That just reminds me of how travel or new places forces you to go out of your comfort zone and try new things that you wouldn’t do in your home town.

In this podcast, we covered:
-Her story
-Her transition from 9-5 to doing what she love.
-How living in a foreign country affects your life
-How she balance her job and blog
Women in business
-Her favorite blogs and podcasts

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The blogs she mentioned:

Jess lively


Everyone is trying to sell you something. From social media, dates and everything else.

The question is “Are you the seller or the buyer?”, “How many of the things you own/buy are really based on your decisions, preferences as opposed to persuasion through different mediums of advertising?”, “What are the things you’re really passionate about as opposed to interests based on unfiltered desire?”. I also talked about how Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis app motivated myself.

This is my very first solo episode and I talk about all that.

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The book I mentioned that you can get from audible using my link were:
2) Man’s search for meaning
3)The Alchemist

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Maureen McGrath is the Host of the the Sunday Night Sex Show on CKNW 980 AM in Vancouver, author of the book “Sex & Health”, Tedx speaker of the famous Ted talk “No sex Marriage” and also a Sex & Relationship Advisor among other things. Moving from the story of workplace and office bullying that she went through, we went all in on the subject of Sex in all aspects.

In minor details, below are some of the topics we covered:

Her background story
Sexual harassment and office bullying
Why women should rely on themselves
Married couples not having sex
Sex tips and tricks
Female orgasm
Healthy relationships
The current status of dating
Personal profiles on social media
And more…


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All links mentioned in this podcast:
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Maureen’s ted talk: No sex marriage
Maureen’s book: Sex and Health
Another podcast with Dr Eve Sex & Cyber infidelity



Dr Marlene Wasserman, well known as Dr Eve is a clinical sexologist, sex therapist, author and the face behind the “Dr Eve”Brand. She pioneered this field as far as South Africa is concerned and she is a temporary advisor to the World Health Organization(WHO). She is also the Author of the ground breaking book “Cyber Infidelity” among other books.

In detail, Dr Marlene Wasserman (BA. Social Work (Hons), M.Clinical Social Work (cum laude), DHS (Doctorate in Human Sexuality, Institute of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality, San Francisco ), AASECT certified Couple & Sex Therapist, Fellow in Sexual Medicine, is a Clinical Sexologist, Couple & Sex Therapist and Sexual Medicine Consultant, in Private Practice, specializing in Cyber Infidelity.

In this episode, we talked about her career, relationships, sex, cyber infidelity, monogamy and anything related to her field of  work.


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Dr Eve:

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Speaking of happy accidents. Scott Keyes is the founder of which helps people find cheap flights, I mean really cheap like 50%-70%. He is also an author of the e-books “How To Fly For Free” and “How To Find Cheap Flights,” He is an expert at finding affordable airfare.

What’s interesting is, Scott was working as a political journalist in Washington DC and was flying alot which led to an obsession with getting cheap flights. He then cracked the code into beating Airlines in their own game. He then created an email list so that he can send free flights to his friends. And in April 2015, he was featured on Business Insider  article related to his art of hacking flight prices, suddenly his email list blew up by thousands of strangers and the rest is history. He wasn’t prepared for it, he had no business background.

Now he is running the email list as a business with thousands of subscribers. He has a team of employees he has never me in real life before. He also mentioned I am sure you will enjoy this one.


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