#122 Mamadou Toure – Building a Better World, Education, Values, AI

Mamadou Toure is Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Capital Group, a leading Investment, and Advisory firm focused on designing and implementing integrated innovative investment solutions uplifting projects ecosystems. Mamadou is also Founder of Ubuntu Coin (UCoin), an Asset-Backed Digital Currency aimed at fostering, shared wealth, financial inclusion and fair trade.

Toure is the founder and Chairman of Africa 2.0, an initiative-driven advocacy group that brings together emerging leaders representing African countries and the diaspora, who share a common vision of the continent’s future. As the Managing Director with General Electric (GE) Africa, Toure currently leads a regional Investments and Project Finance team supporting all GE businesses (power, water, mining, oil & gas, transportation, healthcare, aviation) with financing solutions across sub-Saharan Africa. Toure received a distinction as “New Leader for Tomorrow” by the Crans Montana Forum in 2011. He was selected in 2012 as of one of the 100 Most Influential Africans by the New African Magazine. In 2013, Toure was ranked among the “25 Faces of the new Africa” by BRICS Business Magazine.

– His work experience(General Electric, World bank)
– Africa 2.0 Story
– His educational background(Education system)
– Work
– Values in technology
– Society and Critical thinking
– Decentralization

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#86 Tawanda Kembo – Cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe

Tawanda Kembo has been geeking out about bitcoin since 2012 and has been deeply involved in bitcoin and the blockchain technology since 2013. Tawanda is 4th generation entrepreneur who co-founded Golix, the company running Zimbabwe’s bitcoin exchange. Tawanda has launched, contributed to and consulted for several blockchain-related projects in Africa so he understands the bitcoin landscape in Africa very well. Tawanda has spoken at several blockchain conferences worldwide, is a widely published author of bitcoin-related articles and blog posts. Previously, Tawanda started his career as a software engineer having writing his first software program in 1999 (when he was 13 years old).

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Baratang Miya is the CEO of GirlHYPE Coders that empowers girls to pursue careers in STEM and had been chosen by the US State Dept’s in 2015 TechWomen program as an Emerging Leader. She was placed at Adobe for mentorship during her TechWomen 2015 award.

She also serve on the Silicon Cape Exco as head of Transformation. She was the 1st runner up for MTN Women In ICT Community Builder Award 2016.

She partnered with organisations like UN Women, Mozilla, TechWomen, SiliconCape and Technovation to develop women’s digital literacy and participating on the web.

She is also a judge for the Inspiring50 brought to SA by #cocreateSA.

In this podcast, we discussed:
– Girlhype
– How she got started
– Myths & stereotypes
– Her travels.

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Website –
LinkedIn –
Her Inspiring 50 profile –


Stephen Larkin is a penchant of mathematical algorithms and innovative funding methods with a dream to provide electricity to the people in Africa.

He co-founded Africa New Energies in 2012 with a simple vision – to write an algorithm to find natural gas to generate electricity cheaply enough to give 600 million Africans affordable power for the first time.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Africa New Energies and has experience running multiple companies, venture capital, raising funds and using crowdfunding and tax breaks in innovative ways.

Steve and his team has raise 6 million Pounds in a period of 3 years through crowdfunding only.

Thanks to StartUp Grind Cape Town.

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Africa New Energies(ANE) website:

ANE on Facebook

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Nobody was drunk , just tired,State of the union .Just me and Kannan talking after a long day of work.

We talked about:
Donald Trump
Catching feelings
Capetown liftesyle
Blesser, Blessee lifestyle
Growing up
Changes and more.

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Gal Ezra is the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of We Love Summer, a major outdoor music festival events brand born in Cape Town. He is also part of Vacation club events which is a team of event production specialists with over 30 years of combined experience.They specialize in bringing brands, people and artists together through incredible experiences.

Besides organizing awesome events, Gal hobbies include kitesurfing, fitness activities, outdoor ventures and spending time with friends and family. He also greatly enjoys volunteering. In addition, Gal Ezra has traveled to over 20 countries, over four continents in the world. He is known for his passion for travel and helping others.


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Links to all the events mentioned in this episode below. Use Promo code TGAPodcast to get 20% discount on your ticket purchase.

We love summer:
Kinky summer:
Future frequency:


EP#15: Danielle Jarvis- STRESS

What is stress really? Danielle Jarvis is a trained Neuropsychologist , professional Sailor and Sailing Coach. In this Podcast, she talks about stress and how it affects other areas of your life.

Of course we talked about health in general and how little things like breathing, diet and drugs affects other areas of your life like work, education etc.

Dani has been on the podcast before so you might find out more about her sailing and GEM in Episode12.


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All the links mentioned in this episode:
The waking times
Ted talks :Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong


There is no one word to describe Dominik, the guy has done and is into lots of different things. Among other things, he is a blogger, traveler, teacher, student, boyfriend and a cool guy. I hosted him on his very first Couchsurfing experience. I have to say I was inspired by his way of life and philosophy, I learned alot just by talking to him.

We talked about his story and how he ended up in Capetown. His blog . The way he is balancing work, blog, other personal business and school while being in a 7yr long relationship. He also give tips on how to run a successful blog.

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I am sure you’ll learn something and get inspired like I did. Again, below is the link to Dom’s blog.

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I happened to link up with an award winning StartUp that developed GEM, which is a mobile rewards platform for volunteers in South Africa.
The first session was with David Shields who is a co-founder of GEM and the second session was with Danielle Jarvis who is a Project Coordinator.

Besides GEM, Danielle is a Couchsurfer, Managing Director of SailPro, High Performance Sailing Coach and Psychology post-graduate so I had alot to learn from her in those areas. We talked about Couchsurfing, travel experiences, sailing and opinions on education since she’s a teacher.


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Show notes below:

Download GEM here
GEM Partner Organisations: – Ladles of Love (Cape Town, Soup Kitchen for the Homeless) – Lucky Lucy Foundation (Cape Town, Animal Welfare) – James House (Hout Bay, Orphanage)

TED Talks:


How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent:



If you’ve been limiting yourself while traveling Africa like a local, Kelly will change your mindset. She travels 100% like a local to the point that I could forget she was a traveler when we met. She has lived in Zambia and studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa a few years ago.

I met her through Couch surfing and hosted her for a bit and also stayed at another Couchsurfer who happened to be a friend of mine.

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