#52 Susan Bennett – Meet the woman behind the voice of SIRI

With a strong personality and a sense of humor, Siri and the voice behind her, give the story of voice acting and how Susan Bennett became the original voice of Siri. Susan and her voice talent were suddenly a persona on devices worldwide, thrusting her into accidental fame. Susan tells of how Siri was created and how she dealt with the fear of living up to the expectations of Siri.

In this podcast, Susan takes us back to where her career started as a voice over artist. Besides being the original voice of Siri, she has been a trusted voice for Coca-Cola, Discovery channel, Delta Airlines, USA Today, Cartoon Network and other. We also discuss how the voice industry has changed and how she adapted to it.


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  1. Han Zomerdijk
    Han Zomerdijk says:

    Loved this podcast; just one observation: ending every statement with “RIGHT” too often. Please find another word or expression to transition to the next topic. “Right” becomes dismissive after repeated use. Otherwise a great podcast and interesting topic.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Han, glad that you enjoyed the podcast and thanks for pointing that out. Will definitely make an adjustment haha. Remember to subscribe for more;)