My guest in this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast is Carol Wang. She has traveled more than 50 countries that she even lost count. She shared alot of stories including her lows on the trip, one of them being losing her passport in Burkina Faso. Her friend Arial also joined and talked about how the Taiwanese get English names and more, it was funny. I hope you enjoy it.


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Basically, in this episode The grey Ave Podcast interviewed Brian “RedBear” Fletcher. Brian is a human guinea pig. He is the living the type of life money cannot buy. He left the United States 5yrs ago and started traveling. He walked the Appalachian trail which is 10,000km.He also cycled from Johannesburg to Capetown. He shared a lot of stories about his life and travel. I learnt alot from this, the biggest lesson being “Setup goals that you can define and see an accomplishment so that you can feel and and celebrate but at the same time, don’t base your life on it, when you feel like it’s not worth it, you can quit it.”

Here is a list of the subjects we covered:
-Brian’s background
-His fears and motivation
-Japanese women
Couch surfing
-Tenga (pocket pussy in Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf0NwkilZM8)


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My guest on this episode of the Grey Ave Podcast is Corinna Metzeger from Germany.

Corinna is an incredible character, who have been traveling the world for 14 months after a break up and quitting her job as a traveling in the Beverage development industry.She travelled the world to discover our wonderful planet of earth.
She likes the Idea to share the daily life in different countries, beautiful, funny and crazy moments as well as sad ones sometimes and of course to share travel stories and memories.She visited countries like,Argentina, Mexico , Chile, Portugal,Spain, Italy, China, Australia, Cambodia and to mention the few.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this episode:

-Couch Surfing
-Work/life balance.
-The save it all for retirement delusion.

There are many stories, takeaways and recommendations in this episode that can benefit your life.


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Corinna’s blog http://travelinchen.de/