Couchsurfing before but concerned about your security before? Daniel and Magne ” Club Sofa” founders has just solved that level of worry by creating a website where you can stay with your Facebook friends or friends of friends. Listen to the whole story in the podcast and remember to subscribe.

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You can sign up on club sofa by visiting http://www.clubsofa.org/


I happened to link up with an award winning StartUp that developed GEM, which is a mobile rewards platform for volunteers in South Africa.
The first session was with David Shields who is a co-founder of GEM and the second session was with Danielle Jarvis who is a Project Coordinator.

Besides GEM, Danielle is a Couchsurfer, Managing Director of SailPro, High Performance Sailing Coach and Psychology post-graduate so I had alot to learn from her in those areas. We talked about Couchsurfing, travel experiences, sailing and opinions on education since she’s a teacher.


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Show notes below:

Download GEM here http://gemproject.org/
GEM Partner Organisations:
http://www.ladlesoflove.org.za/ – Ladles of Love (Cape Town, Soup Kitchen for the Homeless)

http://www.luckylucy.org/ – Lucky Lucy Foundation (Cape Town, Animal Welfare)

http://www.jameshouse.org.za/ – James House (Hout Bay, Orphanage)

TED Talks:


How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent:



If you’ve been limiting yourself while traveling Africa like a local, Kelly will change your mindset. She travels 100% like a local to the point that I could forget she was a traveler when we met. She has lived in Zambia and studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa a few years ago.

I met her through Couch surfing and hosted her for a bit and also stayed at another Couchsurfer who happened to be a friend of mine.

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In this episode, Myself and co-host Kannan Gaind talks about life, how to win in your 20’s. We share thoughts about start-ups, relationships, Couchsurfing, struggles ,business and many more. If you like these kind of episodes, let me know then I can organize more of these, also if you have themes you would like us to cover, leave it all in the comments. Stay awesome.


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EP 09 Music Therapy with Esther Wong(Hong Kong)

Esther is a traveler, music therapist and a scholar. I met her through Couch Surfing in Cape Town. Her story is profound, I was intrigued to hear that she left Hong Kong for Europe when she was only 15. We talked about music therapy, travel, Hong Kong culture and childhood among other things.


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I hope you enjoy it.

EP 08 Dalton Kannemeyer (RSA)

My guest in this episode is a sports genius Dalton Kannemeyer. Originally from South Africa, he plays Rugby and Cricket professionally in England. He grew up a sports man that his career took off at a very young age, that being said, he took a very unusual path since he wanted to play both Rugby and Cricket professionally. After realizing that he wouldn’t be allowed to play both sports in South Africa, he decided to move to England where he took off. There is a lot to learn, feel and laugh in this one. We discussed here from careers, relationships, karma, break ups to lifestyle.


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EP 07 Zack Block (USA)

My guest in this episode is Zack Block, an American native who has been traveling for a while, a very fascinating character, We met via Couchsurfing on his birthday. He started traveling after taking a job as an English teacher in Korea. He we talked about all the places he has been to, he also gave recommendations about places, couch surfing and ways to meet people in new cities.


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EP 06 Melanie Brida (The french Connection)

My guests in this podcast episode are Melanie Brida, Marine and Melisa AKA The French Connection, they are from Lyon France. We met through CouchSurfing, I hosted them for a couple of days. It was fun hanging out with them and learning a few French lines and traditions. I was interviewing Melanie for the most part but all of them were in the conversation.


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Episode 05 Marc Muller

My guest in this episode is Marc Muller. A professional soccer player from Germany, he travels the world while playing his favorite game of football. We met in Cape Town, South Africa where he is trying to sign for a new club. Marc is a really funny guy(smiley emoji). He started this lifestyle design at a young, created a network by the age of 17 and he find, sign the deals on his own without involving football agents.


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Our guest in this Episode is Sheila Garcia(IG:toofunk) from Barcelona, Spain. She started traveling after studying law in Spain. I learned alot about Spain.She ended up in Cape Town through a job she took as a tour guide for Kananga..Kannan Gaind(IG:gaindk) joined us midway which made the conversation more interesting as himself is a mulatto from England. Our conversation went different areas but below are some of my highlights:

-Her life story (Growing up as a mulatto in Spain).
-What the British think about the Spanish and vice versa.
-The siesta.
-Some of her untold stories while traveling.
-Black hair.


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