Speaking of happy accidents. Scott Keyes is the founder of ScottsCheapFlights.com which helps people find cheap flights, I mean really cheap like 50%-70%. He is also an author of the e-books “How To Fly For Free” and “How To Find Cheap Flights,” He is an expert at finding affordable airfare.

What’s interesting is, Scott was working as a political journalist in Washington DC and was flying alot which led to an obsession with getting cheap flights. He then cracked the code into beating Airlines in their own game. He then created an email list so that he can send free flights to his friends. And in April 2015, he was featured on Business Insider  article related to his art of hacking flight prices, suddenly his email list blew up by thousands of strangers and the rest is history. He wasn’t prepared for it, he had no business background.

Now he is running the email list as a business with thousands of subscribers. He has a team of employees he has never me in real life before. He also mentioned I am sure you will enjoy this one.


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EP#15: Danielle Jarvis- STRESS

What is stress really? Danielle Jarvis is a trained Neuropsychologist , professional Sailor and Sailing Coach. In this Podcast, she talks about stress and how it affects other areas of your life.

Of course we talked about health in general and how little things like breathing, diet and drugs affects other areas of your life like work, education etc.

Dani has been on the podcast before so you might find out more about her sailing and GEM in Episode12.


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All the links mentioned in this episode:

The waking times
Ted talks :Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong


There is no one word to describe Dominik, the guy has done and is into lots of different things. Among other things, he is a blogger, traveler, teacher, student, boyfriend and a cool guy. I hosted him on his very first Couchsurfing experience. I have to say I was inspired by his way of life and philosophy, I learned alot just by talking to him.

We talked about his story and how he ended up in Capetown. His blog http://www.shareat.ch/#home . The way he is balancing work, blog, other personal business and school while being in a 7yr long relationship. He also give tips on how to run a successful blog.

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I am sure you’ll learn something and get inspired like I did. Again, below is the link to Dom’s blog. http://www.shareat.ch/#home

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