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In this episode, Myself and co-host Kannan Gaind talks about life, how to win in your 20’s. We share thoughts about start-ups, relationships, Couchsurfing, struggles ,business and many more. If you like these kind of episodes, let me know then I can organize more of these, also if you have themes you would like us […]

EP 09 Music Therapy with Esther Wong(Hong Kong)

Esther is a traveler, music therapist and a scholar. I met her through Couch Surfing in Cape Town. Her story is profound, I was intrigued to hear that she left Hong Kong for Europe when she was only 15. We talked about music therapy, travel, Hong Kong culture and childhood among other things.   I […]

EP 08 Dalton Kannemeyer (RSA)

My guest in this episode is a sports genius Dalton Kannemeyer. Originally from South Africa, he plays Rugby and Cricket professionally in England. He grew up a sports man that his career took off at a very young age, that being said, he took a very unusual path since he wanted to play both Rugby […]

EP 07 Zack Block (USA)

My guest in this episode is Zack Block, an American native who has been traveling for a while, a very fascinating character, We met via Couchsurfing on his birthday . He started traveling after taking a job as an English teacher in Korea. He we talked about all the places he has been to, he […]

EP 06 Melanie Brida (The french Connection)

My guests in this podcast episode are Melanie Brida, Marine and Melisa AKA The French Connection, they are from Lyon France. We met through CouchSurfing, I hosted them for a couple of days. It was fun hanging out with them and learning a few French lines and traditions. I was interviewing Melanie for the most […]

Episode 05 Marc Muller

My guest in this episode is Marc Muller. A professional soccer player from Germany, he travels the world while playing his favorite game of football. We met in Cape Town, South Africa where he is trying to sign for a new club. Marc is a really funny guy(smiley emoji). He started this lifestyle design at […]


Our guest in this Episode is Sheila Garcia(IG:toofunk) from Barcelona, Spain. She started traveling after studying law in Spain. I learned alot about Spain.She ended up in Cape Town through a job she took as a tour guide for Kananga..Kannan Gaind(IG:gaindk) joined us midway which made the conversation more interesting as himself is a mulatto […]


My guest in this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast is Carol Wang. She has traveled more than 50 countries that she even lost count. She shared alot of stories including her lows on the trip, one of them being losing her passport in Burkina Faso. Her friend Arial also joined and talked about how […]


Basically, in this episode The grey Ave Podcast interviewed Brian “RedBear” Fletcher. Brian is a human guinea pig. He is the living the type of life money cannot buy. He left the United States 5yrs ago and started traveling. He walked the Appalachian trail which is 10,000km.He also cycled from Johannesburg to Capetown. He shared […]


My guest on this episode of the Grey Ave Podcast is Corinna Metzeger from Germany. Corinna is an incredible character, who have been traveling the world for 14 months after a break up and quitting her job as a traveling in the Beverage development industry.She travelled the world to discover our wonderful planet of earth. […]