Grey Jabesi is an entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, cryptocurrency evangelist, and investor based in Africa. An autodidact who maintains the company of some of the best minds in business and tech, He takes a practical approach to knowledge and experience building, always with a focus on developing the best possible solutions.

His entrepreneurial endeavors include; Imojimotion which he founded at the age of 20, Buy Bitcoin Malawi (The first cryptocurrency exchange in Malawi). He’s also a Co-founder of Proudly Associated. Grey is passionate about job creation and growth, particularly in emerging markets. His chief goal is to play a crucial role in nurturing creativity and innovation in Africa to help harness the full potential and explore the lucrative opportunities the continent has to offer. Some of Grey’s most prominent qualities include a strong sense of self-empowerment, a curiosity for innovation, and the adaptability and open-mindedness to expand horizons across borders.

Grey is a seasoned podcast and event panel host, a producer of The Grey Ave Podcast, interviewer of prominent business personalities and influencers. With a background in IT and 3D CGI, he has worked with big corporates on popular commercial projects but has also been involved with several startups. In 2019, Grey was inducted as director of marketing at
 The United Africa Blockchain Association.

Grey is very passionate about peer to peer finance and decentralized systems especially for the African continent as it accelerates trade and give Africans an opportunity to do business with the rest of the world in real time.

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