Ever since I got involved with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, I get too many emails from people asking how they can get started. Below is a list of the basics I recommend. Make sure you use these very links.

Where to buy Buy and keep Bitcoin?
– Luno: 
-Local Bitcoins:

How to keep your Bitcoin safe?
You can keep your Bitcoin Luno, Coinbase or any other wallets out there, most people do. That being said. It’s much safer to store Bitcoin in a hardware wallet also know as cold storage.

You can order a Ledger  Nano S wallet here:

Where to buy Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies?
Bittrex: (World wide)
Altcoin Trader: (South Africa)

Donate with Bitcoin 😍

Feel free to donate with Bitcoin: 1MaHLVkpgeQp26A3SecNDpk8rBReyeKoaX

PAUL dinin


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Surely you have seen, read or heard about bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Chances are you couldn’t understand it simply because it seems very complicated and out of this world. Bitcoin is known to be the biggest invention since the internet.

Paul was an early adopter of Bitcoin. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I met him in Capetown at an undisclosed hotel where he gave me a lecture on Bitcoin. For a number of years now, his clients pays him only in Bitcoin.

Below are the links to all the sites Paul mentioned in this podcast:
South African Meetup group
Blockchain academy

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