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With a circus of things happening altogether in my life. I thought, I should share the inside story.

I just moved into a new house, sold my car to invest in cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin,ether etc), working on my StartUp idea and putting together a team for my business.

I hope you find something useful from my recent experience and you’re welcome to advise me wherever you see fit.

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2 thoughts on “#58 SIDE HUSTLE TECHNIQUES

  1. I find running and youtube videos (fitnessblender) is a good substitute for gym membership. Good tips on buying time!! Good luck on your joburg + other endevaors

    1. Thanks for the tips Imaculate, I love fitnessblender too. I went for a trial session of crossfit which I used to do years ago. Felt refreshed, I’m thinking of joining again. Joberg’s amazing. So far so good. Enjoy.

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