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EP#74 Losing Millions & Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face. – Antoinette Prophy

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Antoinette Prophy is a South African based entrepreneur, she’s grown an ad agency from the lounge of her mother’s house to a company employing 60 employees with a footprint in East Africa. She’s been at the losing end of a deal — and lost R2-million, and she’s gone through a nightmare no entrepreneur wants to face, liquidation of their first business.

Other than the actual business challenges, Anto told stories about situations she went through as a woman in the world of business.

Her woman-focused business accelerator 88 Business Collective, has its origins after the failure of a handbag venture Prophy pursued after liquidating her advertising agency — proving that failure in entrepreneurship should not be treated as taboo, to be shunned and not spoken about, but instead should be an important experience to be shared and celebrated.



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This is an episode that was recorded by Engel Jones on Twelve Minute Convos Podcast. I was interviewed and ask about Podcasting. Since I get questions about podcasting from some of my listeners, I thought I should share it so that you can pick up something from it.